PFM is the traditional option for simple to advanced combination cases.

Bs Dental provides you with excellent esthetic PFM’s through our vast experience in the field of lab industry, in-depth knowledge, superb customer support and unbeatable on-time delivery.

We at Bs Dental take pride in delivering consistent quality case after case. Our goal is to ensure that every case you receive from Bs Dental  gives perfect fit, contacts, occlusion, and esthetics, which in turn will save your valuable chair side time.m1


Benefits of Porcelain Fused to Metal

  • Excellent strength
  • Natural anatomy
  • Accurate fit
  • Exceptional margin adaptation
  • Biocompatible

Full Cast Restorations
Usually used only in molar teeth. From a durability perspective, full cast restorations are unchallenged. Our technicians have the m4highest level of understanding about bio-mechanics and the forces that impact dental restorations. Choose from High Gold, Semi Precious, Nickel, Chrome or Titanium.