Our expertise in various implant systems derives from customized manufacturer’s training programs and many years of successful case experience. We offer various implant systems like IMZ, Frialit 2, Oraltronics, E-Zee, Branemark and Biotech.

We also fabricate different kinds of fixed (cementable or screw retained) and removable (using harder bar and clip or O-ring/ magnet) prostheses which fit on the embedded implants without any stress.iii

If you need assistance in any of the implant systems, our skilled specialists will offer you complete competence, experience and high professional standards.

our ambition to optimize esthetics and function in every clinical situation. Procera® Implant Bridge with its unique features of fit and strength, is available in zirconia and titanium, on implant and abutment level.

All Procera® Implant Bridges offer:

exceptional precision fit

  •  minimized risk for screw fracture
  •  minimized risk for screw loosening
  •  an excellent alternative to casting
  • significantly reduced human labor and time savings z1
  • bio-compatiblity for enhanced Soft Tissue Integration™
  • exceptional strength, free from distortions and defects
  • free-form design of framework for ultimate esthetic outcome
  • predictability, eliminating try-in steps, reducing chair time
  •  a defect-free result and predictable precision to <20 microns
  • precision-milling from a solid piece of zirconia/titanium.