Since 1932, dentists have trusted their Vitallium® laboratories to create world-class function, fit and beauty standards for premium partial dentures. In this tradition of excellence, Austenal is proud to announce the first advance in metallurgy worthy of the Vitallium name. Vitallium 2000 delivers all that you have come to expect and more.

  • Biocompatible … nickel and beryllium free formula
  • Refined surface maintains its high luster and resists plaque    13-223x300
  • Smaller, lighter partial dentures
  • Adjustability and fracture resistance
  • Guaranteed strength, function and superior fit
  • Esthetic partial denture designs

Now Austenal has raised the standard to an even higher level with the introduction of Vitallium 2000 Plus. This alloy provides physical and mechanical properties never before attainable in chrome cobalt alloys. Vitallium 2000 Plus incorporates a controlled nitrogen addition during the con-cast process, which results in a yield and tensile strength higher than any other chrome cobalt alloy on the market. Couple these features with an elongation over twice that of regular Vitallium and you can truly offer your patients the Ultimate Partial Denture.

The improved physical properties provide extraordinary strength and unprecedented fracture resistance while allowing for smaller, lighter, more delicate partial frameworks.

Vitallium 2000 Plus also has increased flexibility, without deformation or fracture, allowing for excellent adjustability similar to that of gold. By far, Vitallium 2000 Plus produces the most refined, smooth surface available, one that is easier to adjust, maintains its luster and resists plaque while still maintaining that legendary Vitallium precision fit. Vitallium 2000 Plus is the premium alloy of choice for the Ultimate Partial Denture.

Vitallium 2000          2

With its improved physical properties and handling characteristics, Vitallium 2000 is the new standard for premium chrome cobalt alloys.

The composition of the alloy has been designed to maintain the legendary strength of Vitallium while improving virtually all of its working characteristics.

Vitallium 2000´s tensile strength of over 855 MPa´s makes it extremely fracture-resistant, and with an elongation of 9%, the partials adjust like gold.

The lower Vickers Hardness minimizes abrasion on opposing dentition, and, coupled with a yield strength of over 600 MPa’s, Vitallium 2000 resists permanent deformation.

These improved physical properties provide your patient with a partial of extraordinary strength, superior fracture resistance and smaller, lighter design applications – guaranteeing patient comfort and acceptance.