CAD/CAM has been an important part of our world in many aspects since the 1950s and in 1980s has been integrated in dentistry. It is quite surprising to witness how fast the field of CAD/CAM and digital dentistry is developing.m1


The growth of CAD/CAM dentistry alongside new technology, materials and equipment has seen a rapid integration into both dental offices and laboratories. Without a doubt, digital technology is becoming essential for every dental practice and laboratory.


BSDental proudly introduces 5YWTM CAD/CAM PFM with 5 Year Warranty*. It’s designed and precision milled with CAD/CAM technology. 5YWTM CAD/CAM provides the perfect combination of Strength, Esthetics, Fit and Affordability. 5YWTM allows you to deliver long – lasting smile to your patients.


5YWTM CAD / CAM Series:

  • 5YWTM CAD / CAM Zirconia
  • 5YWTM CAD / CAM Full Cast
  • 5YWTM CAD / CAM Titanium



Benefits of 5YWTM CAD / CAM PFM

  • Better then regular PFM
  • Reduced chairside time
  • Excellent fit
  • Excellent marginal integrity
  • Cost efficient
  • Light weight
  • High strength
  • Biocompatible

Preparation Requirements:            dental-lab-lboratory-model-arch-trimmer-grind-inner

  • Circular shoulder preparation with rounded inner edges or chamfer with a width of approx. 1 mm
  • No feather edges
  • Minimal occlusal reduction of  1.0mm
  • Avoid sharp edges and angles
  • Make sure to observe minimum layer thicknesses (stability of the restoration)